Improve data and marketing performance
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April 8, 2021


Generating high marketing ROI is challenging, but with the right tools in place, it's not impossible. Even with strong stability and growth, it can seem to be a struggle for mid and large organizations to continue uncovering new sources of growth.

In this webinar, GetResponse MAX and Ascend2  experts will discuss the findings from the latest research into marketing technology and how to extract considerable and lasting value from it.

Improving data and marketing performance at mid-sized businesses


Your webinar hosts, Ascend2 and GetResponse MAX, surveyed more than 160 marketers to identify actionable advice and helpful insights from real people who use MarTech in their organizations. 

Watch this webinar to explore these real-life examples and business results, along with expert tips and best practices on how to overcome the top challenges with MarTech implementation.

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